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At The One Skin Clinic, we are revolutionizing skin beauty by combining cutting edge technology with curating tailor-made treatment remedies to suit your personal skin. Our highly trained professionals are committed to not only the remedy but the customization of a pre-treatment and post-treatment plan to help you achieve the most magnificent results efficiently.

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At The One Skin Clinic, we are here offer you a superior level of aesthetic services, care and stellar customer service. Our team of highly trained professional medical aestheticians with our Board-Certified doctor. With several years of experience, Dr. Charles Wong has become one of the most sought after doctors in B.C. for aesthetician beauty due to their remarkable attention to detail and eye for aesthetic medicine. With the support of our professional team with extensive knowledge of all of the latest technology in medi spas as well as comprehensive scientific knowledge about skin health in order so suit all your needs and expectations. Together, as an innovative medical team, we seek the latest medical advances in beauty and anti-aging to offer you a thorough and customized approach to all of your concerns.

Dr Charles Wong is a talented artist in the field of aesthetic medicine. His painless Botox injections and skillful filler techniques make his results as natural as possible, and has gained tremendous reputations throughout his years of practice.

Since graduating from UBC with a Doctor of Medicine degree, he has always had a huge interest in aesthetic medicine. This has not only motivated him to travel the world to learn a variety of the most up to date techniques, but also helped him master his artistic view in beauty. According to Dr Wong, “Aesthetic medicine is not just about the injections, but indeed is about the art of human beauty”.

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MeO Cosmeceuticals

With standards as high as ours, at The One Skin Clinic we exclusively use world-renowned MeO Cosmeceutical products, used by dermatologist, clinics, hospitals and plastic surgeons worldwide. Founded in 1992, MeO is a FDA registered and certified company made in the USA known for its state of the art ATeDS (Amphiphilic Trans Epidermal Technology) patented biotechnology. The combination of ATeDs, which allows for deep penetration to the dermis combined with highly concentrated pure active ingredients to distinguishes itself from all the other competitors on the market to prevent aging, protect the skin and prevent future signs of aging.

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