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At The One Skin Clinic, we are revolutionizing skin beauty by combining the latest in cutting edge technology with all the focus on you and your unique beauty. -We are all unique, and each one of us comes with our own concerns and aesthetic goals. This has inspired us to individually tailor our approach to every patient with remedies that suit your personal skin. This means we customise your pre treatment plan, medical procedures, and post-care treatments to help you achieve the skin and aesthetic looks of your dreams. You may be surprised to learn what is possible in the hands of our highly trained Medical Doctors and Technicians. There is hope for your biggest concerns, you need only ask us. Restore and revitalise yourself at The One Skin.

High Quality Equipment

Health Canada approved devices present you highest quality and safety

Professional Trained Staff

All staff is trained with high standard of knowledge and technic to ensure different customer needs


Pre-treatment and post-treatment to ensure the best result



The physical structure of the skin is based on the condition of the ECM (extracellular matrix) and the structures within such as collagen and elastin fibers to maintain firmness. The several types of …



What You Can Discover At The One Skin Clinic

Finally, a clinic that offers the whole package in Vancouver
We only find value in providing complete care for every patient, and offer them the best possible results for their concerns. Our team of skilled Medical Doctors, and professionally trained technicians deliver a 3-stage service with care and compassion for every treatment.: This includes a pre-treatment, medical treatment, and post-care treatment so that we can achieve the best possible results for our happy clients.



Acne can effect anyone regardless of age, gender or skin color. People with severe acne have dysfunctional sebaceous follicles, also known as “pores.” People without acne tend to shed one cell layer per day…





Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation or any pigmentation such as age spots, freckles, lentigo, melasma, and many types of birth marks are cause my the skin overproducing melanin. Melanin…





Fat cells, also known as Adipocytes, are cells that are composed of adipose tissue where energy is stored as fat. The primary functions of fat tissue is to protect the organs, warmth, store energy, moderate metabolism…



About Our Team

At The One Skin Clinic, we are here offer you a superior level of aesthetic services, care and stellar customer service. Our team of highly trained professional medical aestheticians with our Board-Certified doctor. With the support of our professional team with extensive knowledge of all of the latest technology in medi spas as well as comprehensive scientific knowledge about skin health in order so suit all your needs and expectations. Together, as an innovative medical team, we seek the latest medical advances in beauty and anti-aging to offer you a thorough and customized approach to all of your concerns.

Our Doctor

Dr. Sanaz Gharedaghi, MD carries with her: a wealth of experience, raw talent, and always displays genuine care and concern for her patients.  Experience one of YVR’s top artists in the field of aesthetic medicine at The One Skin Clinic.  She is equipped with numerous talents, and is our resident Lips Master.  Having trained directly under the legendary Julie Horne, the results speak for themselves.

Curious to learn more about Dr. Gharedaghi?

-After obtaining her medical degree in Tehran, she completed her residency in family medicine at UBC and is a board certified member of the Canadian College of Family Physicians. She is especially interested in preventative medicine, women’s health, and chronic disease management. During the final years of her residency she developed a keen interest in medical aesthetics, and this led to her pursuing certifications for Botox and Dermal Fillers among others.

She’s inspired by an overall approach to beauty and a balanced well-being.  She has so much passion for our patients health and happiness. Her wealth of experience translates into some absolutely incredible work, and we’re more than excited to have her with our team of talented Medical Doctors.

Dr. Nav Chaudhary is a Canadian trained Board Certified Neurosurgeon.  She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, Medical School at McMaster University, Neurosurgery Residency at the University of Western Ontario, and Fellowship Training at Stanford University.  Dr. Chaudhary  is registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, the Medical Board of California, and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She has published more than a dozen textbook chapters and over twenty research articles in the field of surgery.

Whether it be in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures or surgery, Dr. Chaudhary is passionate about improving quality of life for her patients.  Her approach to medicine is to work collaboratively to craft a treatment plan that is individually tailored to each patient.  Through meticulous attention to detail, technical finesse, and an artistic eye, Dr. Chaudhary is committed to providing natural and beautiful results.

Dr. Chaudhary offers a range of aesthetic and pain management procedures:

• Botox therapy for migraines, temporomandibular joint pain, various pain disorders, facial aesthetics, and hyperhidrosis
• Dermal fillers for facial aesthetics
• Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for facial aesthetics and hair restoration treatment
• Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
• Belkyra fat dissolving injections

Outside of work, Dr. Chaudhary enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, biking, canoeing, training for various sporting events (Marathons, Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, Urbanathalons, Duathalons), and above all, spending time with her family.


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