Carbon Laser Peel

Our favourite pore-shrinking skin treatment! Carbon laser peels unlock the youthful, radiant, and even skin tone we all aspire to have! Beginning with the liquid application of liquid carbon which absorbs contaminants trapped within pores and on the skin’s surface; our Helios™ laser is then used to vaporize the carbon along with the contaminants that the carbon has absorbed. You can hear the tiny ‘pop-pop’ as the contaminants are vaporized, never to trouble you again. The results are clear and refined pores which can now close up for a tight, even, and luminous skin tone. Texture and tone are visibly improved. 3 treatments are recommended with a 3-4 week break in-between for optimal results, with maintenance treatments after that.

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment at The One Skin Clinic

“I have always suffered from these massive pores, and now I am addicted to the Carbon Laser Peel!”
Remove excess oil and contaminants
Reverse PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
Effective treatment to improve skin texture
Tighten pores over time with maintenance
Reduce acne scaring
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Boost collagen production
Provides the skin with a lovely radiant glow, and improved tone