MicroMax | Gentle Microneedling With No Downtime!

Our signature MicroMax treatment is The One Skin’s most popular skin management treatment! This is the latest micro-needling technology which is non-invasive! Yes, you can go to work the next day ...or on a hot date that evening, you do you. The single use head of the machine features crystallised needle tips made of serum sets which we can customize to the nutrients YOUR skin needs most -we see you smiling! They dissolve within the skin after puncturing for long lasting results. Traditional micro needling aggressively punctures and shreds the epidermis which can wreck havoc on the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. This results in substantial benefit as the body will then produce a surge of collagen to repair the damage, which in turn creates a luminous, and more even tone as a result. However, this can also create an environment for bacterial growth and inflammation which may not be suitable for all skin types. MicroMax is simply less aggressive and safe for nearly all skin types! This gentle alternative allows skin nutrients to enter the skin and revitalize while stimulating collagen production for a tightened, and glowing complexion.
“My skin continued to improve for weeks after the initial treatment!”
 Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and relax crow’s feet 
 Tighten pores, and clear blackheads 
 Brighten the skin, and even skin texture 
✓ Reduce acne scaring and boost collagen production 
✓ Treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
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