Hydrogen Capture

This ultra calming and restorative treatment is an excellent option for those who suffer from allergies, redness, and skin irritation. Combining the latest electrolysis technology with hydrogen; this treatment produces highly concentrated, pure and stable hydrogen molecules with penetrating nutrient-rich serums to calm skin in any condition. Its anti-inflammatory effects are also a popular and fantastic option after having a laser skincare treatment. Severely agitated and irritated skin are calmed, the skin is revitalised, and the skin barrier is assisted to rebuild faster. It’s long lasting results will speed up the necessary recovery time and lessen the harsh side-effects of many of the more invasive beauty procedures.
“Yes, my skin finally feels more under control, and I don’t wake up as red anymore.”
Reduce post-laser side effects
Treat even highly irritated skin
Reduce redness and swelling
Treat Dermatitis (allergic skin)
Benefit your skin’s overall texture
Help to decrease fine lines
Brighten dull skin
The One Skin Clinic