IPL Hair Removal

The average woman shaves almost 8000 times in her lifetime, which sounds like fun …said no one ever. One of the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, IPL is a great option for hair removal and is suitable for skin types 1 – 4. Best of all is that it’s completely painless! 8 – 10 sessions are typically required, with a package customised for your desired treatment areas. From large areas such as the legs and backs to more delicate areas, all treated by targeting the melanin pigment without damaging surrounding tissue. The effect on the follicle prevents future hair growth, for permanent results. 
Desired results depend on patient hair and skin type 
The One Skin Clinic

   8 – 10 sessions will achieve permanent results
  ✓ Maintenance treatments should be expected
  ✓ Safe and painless