Dysport® | Aesthetic and Therapeutic Injections

Dysport ® is an injectable which is a non-invasive muscle relaxant that is used to correct a variety of age complications.


Dysport ® reverses telltale signs of aging 

One of the world's most popular and widespread aesthetic treatments; Dysport injections are a non-invasive muscle relaxant (or neuromuscular blocking agent) that are used to correct a variety of age concerns. By composition, Dysport is a botulinum toxin that causes your facial muscles to relax. It’s injected under the skin and directed towards targeted areas. 

Dysport treats moderate to severe cases of wrinkles and fine lines.  It is especially effective for the glabellar lines which form between our eyebrows, and extend vertically up the forehead (they are especially pronounced when we frown).  After injections are administered, the muscles under your skin will relax and appear smoothed on specific areas of the face. Results typically last for 3-6 months, after which you’ll need to go for additional treatment.


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Dysport ® vs. Botox

Dysport has 25 years of clinical legacy and is a neuromodulator very similar to its more widely-known counterpart: Botox™   We consider both of these options to be excellent and extremely similar,  it often comes down to patient-preference for which option is selected for their injections.  Our doctors may recommend Dysport or Botox as a more suitable option for patient treatment based on specific circumstances.   We often find that Dysport activates slightly quicker than Botox; with results beginning to activate within 2-5 days of treatment, vs. the typical 5-7 days required for Botox™ 

Dysport ® has many treatment uses!

Our team of experienced and highly-skilled medical doctors ensure the safety and effectiveness of your Dysport® injections. Relaxing wrinkles and reversing the telltale signs of aging is only one of the many benefits of this liquid miracle. It is a very popular treatment for facial slimming, and much needed relief from teeth grinding (bruxism). It is also administered to relieve excessive sweating in areas such as the armpits and on the palms. It can even be used as an effective treatment to reduce the frequency of chronic migraines!

Doctor Administering Dry Sport Botox to Man at The One Skin Clinic

“I get my Dysport injections here every 4 months, and I have never been more relaxed and comfortable with a doctor.  I never have wrinkles, or issues during treatment, and I just love that." 
- Shalini, verified patient

Dysport® is only administered by our Medical Doctors who are very experienced, and highly-skilled at achieving natural and balanced results
Reverse wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines, especially the glabellar (frown) lines
Enhance the lip profile with lip flips
Enhance facial expression with a brow lift
Natural looking results, 97% of women in Galderma's clinical studies provided feedback that their results look and feel natural
Reverse the 11’s brow lines, and crow’s feet for a more youthful appearance
Prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) for pain relief
Prevent and reduce the frequency of chronic migraines



Meet one of our Medical Doctors for an in-depth consultation, or book your next injections appointment by getting in touch with us today!