Our Signature body contouring treatment that destroys targeted fat cells beneath the skin’s surface without harming any surrounding tissues! Tighten and lift desired areas and reduce sagging skin with a safe, non-surgical option! This procedure allows the body to naturally process the destroyed fat cells through the liver. After the initial treatment, the body’s lymphatic channels and circulation will continue to remove the destroyed fat cells over the course of 8 – 12 weeks without any side effects. The versatility of the applicator allows it to target specific areas of a patient’s choosing to achieve a slimmer and firmer definition, without going under the knife. The perfect option to tighten and lift sagging skin, and shape areas such as the stomach, love handles, and inner thighs for a more toned appearance.
“This was the perfect procedure to restore the tummy after my pregnancy”

More defined body shape 
Tightens and lifts sagging skin 
Destroy targeted fat cells in desired areas 
Revitalise the appearance of tired skin 
Effects are long lasting 
Non-surgical body contouring with no downtime