SMP Deep Hydration

SMP (small molecular polysaccharides) Deep Hydration lives up to its namesake. Dehydration is a constant issue for many, and it is often seasonally exacerbated. As our skin is dehydrated, we see an increase in fine-lines, and increased dullness. What’s worse, some suffer from combination oily-dry skin …we know, it’s not fair. This medical grade facial treatment uses micro-molecular technology with nutrients delivered at ½ the size of the gaps between our skin cells to penetrate and supply critical hydration into the derma. It is then sealed into the skin to prevent trans epidermal water loss, resulting in luminous, plump, and lifted skin. Receiving the treatment itself is also a serene experience. Picture laying under a weighted blanket, but for your face!
The One Skin Clinic

“I wish I had an hour set aside to enjoy this treatment every single day”
Relieve dry and sensitive skin
Boost radiance and appear visibly rehydrated
Treat dermatitis (skin allergy reaction)
Improve skin’s elasticity and firmness
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Skin appears more supply and texture are improved