Our micro-infusion treatment uses a patented gold-plated hair-fine needle system to painlessly deliver custom solutions into the skin. Micro-infusions work at the superficial level dermal level of the skin to make your complexion glow and provide a “filter-like” airbrushed effect. The new celebrity favourite facial lauded by Kim Kardashian-West and others to get right before big events like the Met Gala to perfect their camera-ready look. There are also long-term benefits like the stimulation of your own natural collagen with continued treatment. At the One Skin, we can customise your infusion with micro-Botox™, dermal hyaluronic acid gel, firming serums, SR Solutions, and other ingredients to offer a variety of benefits to produce results you will love.

“I can’t believe HOW good my skin looks!”
The ultimate “day-before” facial
Provides the skin with a major glow
Tighten and firming of the skin to improve sagging and laxity
Help control Pore Size
Improve levels of hydration
Smooth out the skin with dermal fillers
Increase elastin and collagen levels