Helios™ Laser Toning

The power of light therapy is used to achieve and maintain radiant, clear, and healthy skin! Reverse the signs of aging, diffuse flushing, as well as redness from rosacea. Gently treat acne and achieve a vibrant, even complexion in just a few short treatments! Traditional lasers use only two modes with a single wavelength to combat pigmentation. We are equipped with the latest fractional Q switch Nd Yag laser with four modes and two wavelengths to combat pigmentation of various depths and colour. The personalization of the laser increases efficiency and allows us to focus on a variety of pigmentation areas while reducing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissue.
Helios Laser at The One Skin Clinic

“There was absolutely no pain and the results are amazing!”
Effective treatment for melasma
Reverse PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
Effective treatment of Becker’s Nevus
Reverse freckles, age spots, and sun spots
Reduce Beauty Marks
Gently treat acne
Remove lentigo
Provides the skin with a radiant glow, and improved tone