PRP (platelet rich plasma) is an innovative medical advancement that is used across many fields of medicine, and is rapidly increasing in popularity in aesthetic medicine for its incredible cosmetic benefits. Nicknamed the vampire facial, it involves withdrawing your own blood and spinning the vial in a device called a centrifuge at high speed to separate the “liquid gold” from the rest of the blood. With no additives or preservatives, this “liquid gold” is completely natural, and comes from within your own body. The results cannot be understated. Growth factors (or proteins) from PRP are able to stimulate new collagen production which will tighten the skin, and promote a healthy, youthful, and glowing complexion. It is an effective solution for some patients to relieve dark circles under the eyes in a natural way, so that you can get back to lighting up the room! PRPs most lauded effect is that the results last for such a long time. The build up of new collagen is gradual, which means that you can anticipate continued overall improvements to your skin for months!

  ✓ No risk of allergic or immune response
  ✓ Safe for all skin types with minimal or no downtime
  ✓ Offers the skin a healthy, revitalised glow
  ✓ Visibly tighter skin
  ✓ Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  ✓ Benefits compound and continue for months after initial treatment
  ✓ Safe for all skin types with minimal or no downtime